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Camp Coach Assistant Description:

We are currently looking for responsible and highly motivated teenagers and young adults to assist with Camps 4 the Culture. Camp Coach Assistants are ages 15 and older and offer support to the Head Coaches.. 

Serving as a CCA provides an extraordinary way for teens to be involved with a community organization and earn necessary community service hours.  Camp Coach Assistants  befriend, help, and act as role models for younger children. Assisting the adult Camp Coaches and Director, CCAs are introduced to the world of mentoring.  The wide range of programs offers the opportunity to experience and learn about new subject areas or increase and share their understanding of a more familiar subject such as art, science, and nutrition. CCAs earn community service credits and also have an intriguing experience to add to a resume or application for college or a future job. 

The Next CCA Orientation is : Saturday, March 10 4pm

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