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We've all been to a professional development conducted by amateurs! Not only is the ineffectiveness costly to the budget,  it wastes time, energy, and could jeopardize team morale! At Lead the Seed, we conduct professional developments the way the world needs classrooms conducted: high energy, high academic absorption,, and immediate application.  We teach to multiple learning styles and intelligences using researched strategies in brain functioning science and learning technology.  No audience is too small, no academic challenge is to large! Bring your PDs back to life!  Contact us today for full details! 

S.H.A.R.P CERTIFICATION FOR after and out of school programs

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Our Village Still Vibrates over the Summer Months...

Schools all over the nation are moving to the extended year model in hopes to improve the acadmic standing of students in underserved communities and increase the academic advantages of those who have been chronically overlooked. While I am excited about the collective sense of urgency on matters concerning America's tragic and downright obnoxious educational gap, I fear that this will cause a strain on the innovative community programming available right here in our own local neighborhoods. It is my hope that we also come together bring the village approach back to education.  Give these community programs a chance to thrive and impact the many strengths , intelligences, and talents of our children.


S- Summer- this program happens over the summer months between June and August OR Saurday/ Sunday

H- Holistic activities and exploratiogeared to potencies found in the whole student- this includes Social/Emotional Health and Intelligence 

A- Academics    Instruction in Literacy (fiction and nonfiction) Conceptual Math, and Problem Solving through scientific understanding and research   using high-yield instructional strategies



ARTS - instruction in visual/performing or meditative arts using high-yield instructional strategies

R- Recreational Student’s physical body is being challenged, nourished, and growing with respect to healthy option and choices

P- Program- Program directors have intentionally designed, scheduled, and planned operational series of events and exposures that are done to achieve a specific result. 

We Want In!

As a career educator I have experienced  burnouts and breakthroughs. Either way, bravo to us! Break earned and much needed.  However, for many this is not so.  Because of extended school year mandates many qualified but exhausted instructors ramp up again implementing new programs in lightening speed under the summer sun- building the plane and flying it at the same time while  praying for a safe landing- Not planning, reflecting, aligning.  Not visiting other campuses for fresh ideas and approaches or spending time recharging with family or just a book of their choosing.


The school year round idea has come about due to the fear of a very real educational problem: the summer “slide”  Learning attrition doubles during the summer months and access to quality academic programs is competitive and costly.  Here in DC there are over 300 organizations who win grants to be able to provide a quality academic service to our students, however in may cases upon departure, students do not seem to be any more prepared for the academic school year as they were when they arrived.  Where is the lapse coming from?  What are highly effective summer programs doing that we can all emulate?

Lead the Seed is looking to establish S.H.A.R.P certified campuses around the nation. These are campuses that will guarantee that a student will show significant growth in academics, emotional/ social health, physical health and overall enjoyment in life over the summer months.  We believe local community summer programs work and play!!

Lead the Seed
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