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"Homework Hallelujah" is the solution for any family who wants to improve homework time-- and that's pretty much EVERY family! Our system is only one in the nation that offers homework guidance parent involvement,  student accountability, and teacher expectations in a fun, practical series for the whole family-- and we come to you!



Setting Up a 5-Star Study Area


Instilling Homework Habits that will Stick


Supervising like a Superhero


Communicating with Confidence


Perfecting the Practice

"Homework Hallelujah" Homework Guidance Program supports parents in:

 Your child does not bring a homework folder or binder home -- OR it's VERY disorganized. 


Your child does not have OR consistently use a student planner to write down homework/ important dates.


When you ask if your child had any homework, the response, more often than not, is

"I don't have any." OR

" I finished it at school." OR

"I did it during tutoring"


Signs that your child may be struggling with homework completion:

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