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Successful Intelligence Exploration!!!

Session 1: Learning Style Preference

Your learning style preference is essentially how you prefer to take in or receive information.  In it's most primary form, there are three receivers of information that make the most impact in how much you actually learn: your ears, your eyes, and your sense of touch.  Quite naturally then, many student prefer audio (listening), visual (watching) or kinesthetic (touching) modes of learning new things.  Of course all learners possess all three and use all three; however, we may have different preferences.  Click on the coach to download a free Learning Style Inventory created by the outstanding AVID educators of America. If you need help, just click: I need help with this survey! 

Session 2: Multiple Intelligences

Learning about your personal multiple intelligences proves that it's not about IF we are smart, but it's definitely about HOW we are smart! Your intelligences are how you express your experiences in this world.  Usually exploration of our intelligences reveal what gives our lives meaning and pleasure or even the career fields we may want to explore.  All of the eight are great and dwell in each and every one of us-- our levels of expression of those intelligences is what makes us all so unique.  Click the coach to take a Multiple Intelligence Inventory! Write the outcome of your results on your Session Tracker.  If you need help, just click: I need help with this survey. 

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