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TEAM BROWN GENIUS - Specialized Services

Personalized Academic Plans and Active Intervention Strategies

Now let's get more specific...

our specialized plans are specifically geared to use the knowledge of your child's unique intellectual awareness to include teachers, administrators, tutors and other members of your child's academic community in their personalized scholastic plan!  In this exciting stage, we successfully galvanize the power of our village!! Let's get started!

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The ADVOCATE service is the perfect plan for parents that want to pull ahead and be empowered as the true leader in their child's education! In this 2-session series, we will :


collaborate with your family in using teacher data and perceptive assessments to develop a concrete  plan of action that would guide the next parent-teacher conference.


assist your family in collecting relevant data and observations from  teachers in a timely, efficient manner.



provide  fundamental information concerning the legal rights of parents, teachers, and schools.




The INSPIRE service includes all the support featured in the ADVOCATE program with the added service of facilitating an optimal parent-teacher conference** at your child's school site using our proven "Parent Circle" method.    During the conference we will: 


collaborate with your  child's school and family to design & implement a unique plan custom-made to enhance your child’s strengths and address challenges. 


recommend strategies based on assessment which will help ensure your child receives a free appropriate public education (FAPE)  and limit exclusion from learning activities (including suspensions, detentions, and loss of privileges)

Our EMPOWER Service is an extension of our INSPIRE service. Clients who choose this option receive comprehensive support throughout the entire semester. This often includes:  



Ensuring your child receives all services that he/she is entitled to under the law by  facilitating and documenting clear and consistent communication between the family and school 



Acting as a liaison between your family and educational advocacy groups 






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